Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are pacers allowed? - No. If found with a pacer you will be disqualified
  • Are trekking poles allowed? - Yes
  • Is the course open for public use ?- Yes. Please share the trails
  • Is the race director rolling in the dough from putting the race on? - No. 100% of race proceeds are put back into the race. Everyone you encounter throughout the race is a volunteer, including the Race Director. Be sure to thank the team when you see them along the course.
  • Are you firm with cutoffs? - Yes, including the finish line.
  • If I volunteer for the race is there a benefit? - Yes. All volunteers receive 50% off their race entry the following year.
  • What is the weather like? Typically it's quite cool in the morning and by afternoon it can be very hot. The Ridgeline from Big Mountain Pass to the Cell tower is exposed and the sun can get the better of you if you're not careful. It's the mountains so be sure to check the forecast the night before.