Competitor Information

Course Map

Race Check In

Please do not park in the Basin Recreation Fieldhouse parking lot directly in front of the building. As seen in the image please use the lot to the right (South of the building) when you arrive. We’ll have volunteers there to help direct you.

Please enter the building via the front door. We’ll greet you inside where you will check in.

You will be asked to show your ID.


Timing Chip

When you check in you will be issued a timing chip that must be worn on your ankle. We have used these chips for several years now and they are what allows us to track you live on the course. You may not place them in a pack or pocket.

There are 20 checkpoints along the course and we will be broadcasting a live feed of your position during the race that your family and friends can follow. This is also how we will establish the winners of the King and Queen Of The Mountain and our Men’s and Women’s Sprint champions.

Failure to register a time at any of the checkpoints will result in disqualification, so if you loose your timing chip during the race, be sure to report it at the next aid station.


Drop Bags

One of the many things that we love about this start location is that it’s inside, warm, dry, has bathrooms and plenty of space for everyone to get ready for the race. We will have a place to leave a bag (drop bag) for the finish line so feel free to dress as you like. Just bring a bag to place your items in and leave it with us. We’ll have it waiting at the finish line for you.

The drop-off location for both the finish line and the Jeremy Ranch aid station bags will be located on the field inside the building. Each will have an A-frame with the appropriate signage. At the end of the race all drop bags will be brought to the finish area.


Start / Finish

You will start the race inside the building and the first timing sensor is at the exit (large rollup door) of the building. You will make an immediate left, proceed to the road and make a right turn. There is a paved trail on the right side of the road which you should use.

We have you run on the road to spread the field out before accessing the trail system. 

You will follow the road approximately .5 miles where you will turn left to go under Hwy 80. Make the second left turn and head back towards Glenwild Drive where you will turn right. The trail is just up ahead to your right. We will have volunteers on the course to guide you as well as signage. Please see the above image.

When you finish you will follow the signs back to the fieldhouse. Of note is you will cross under the highway via a foot path to the finish line.

The finish line will be on the trail behind the Basin Recreation fieldhouse.


Course Markings

It is the runner’s responsibility to stay on course. If for some reason you exit the course you must re-enter the course where you left and proceed from there. Failure to do so will result in a disqualification. A GPX file of the course is available upon request at 

With that said we pride ourselves on our course marking. We use orange contractors tape as the primary marking, orange chalk at intersections and Twisted Fork branded directional signs throughout the race, and we go overboard. We also send runners along the course just in front of the leaders double-checking that the course is marked properly. Unfortunately in 2019 we had a portion of the course sabotaged. We managed to catch and fix this but not before the two leaders were effected.

Please know the route.

Private Property

A unique feature of Twisted Fork is that we are given access to private property for race day only. We do not want to lose this privilege, so DO NOT use this section any other time of the year. And on race day ask your family and friends to skip seeing you at the “Cell Tower” aid station. 

The aid station is on public property but we do not want to crowd the home owner’s driveway. We do not want to lose access.

Thank you in advance.

Cell Tower AS to Jeremy Ranch AS

The course is fully marked but we wanted to highlight a section from the Cell Tower Aid Station back to the Jeremy Ranch Aid Station. 

You will run Parleys Road (almost all downhill) to a gatehouse and pickup the trail on the right side of the road. 

Follow the crushed gravel trail and cross Parleys Road twice before turning left on the trail down towards Hidden Cove Road. Make a left on Hidden Cove Road and follow it around till you see the signs to get back on the trail which descends into the Jeremy Ranch Aid station. This is all marked, but we wanted to give you a heads up to pay extra attention in this section.