COVID-19 Action Plan For 2021 TBD. Below is the action plan for 2020

Twisted Fork Competitors June 27, 2020 Race Date Operational Changes

Dear Competitor,

We are very happy to report that we will be racing June 27, 2020 on our regularly scheduled date!!!!

We would like to thank Summit County and the Summit County Health Department for their guidance and help in crafting our COVID-19 mitigation plan. Without the help of the Summit County Health Department this race would not be possible and they have been wonderful to work with. We would also like to thank Snyderville Basin Recreation for permitting the event and working with us to host Twisted Fork.

If you have registered for Twisted Fork and do not feel comfortable racing this year, please let us know and we will issue a 100% rollover to next year’s 50K or 100K course. Yes, next year we will offer a 100K and 50K Twisted Fork course which means this year is the last year of the current 64K course. So if you would like to roll your registration over to 2021 you may select which race you would like to do. Please email Canice Harte at if you wish to take this option.

Our COVID-19 mitigation plan is listed below and there are some things you should take into consideration when deciding if you would like to race this year. Please read the plan in detail and let us know if you have any questions.

Some of the highlights of the big picture changes are:

  • Require all registered racers to sign and return electronically an acknowledgement of the social distancing requirements of the race and their commitment to adhere to them
  • We will have a staggered start
    • The start window will be spread over and hour an a half.
    • Fastest runners as projected by Ultrasignup will begin first which means slower runners will potentially start an hour to an hour and a half later.

    • We pride ourselves on taking care of runners at our aid stations and while we will still provide great aid, the aid stations themselves will require runners to be self sufficient. No plopping down in chairs and having a crew of volunteers or family pamper you (sorry!).

    • Volunteers will be required to stay on one side of the aid tables and racers will ask for prepackaged food. This will require competitors to be more self sufficient than normal.

    • Family will be allowed to help their runner at their car or outside the aid station, but will not allowed into the aid station proper.

    • Social distancing will be required at all times. The obvious exception is when you’re passing another runner but if you find yourself running near another runner at the same pace you must separate by a minimum of 6 feet. Social distancing standards will be required throughout the entire race (start, on course, aid stations, finish area, etc.)

    • After you finish the race you are welcome to recover in the finish area, but social distancing among non-family members will be required and we cannot have any group size exceed 50. If we find ourselves massing, we will ask recovered runners to disperse.

    There is a lot more to the COVID-19 mitigation plan so please read the details below and insure that you understand the new protocol. We want you to have a wonderful race and know what to expect when registering to race or considering rolling over to next year.

    It’s important that if you are feeling ill, that you do not travel to the area or race. We will gladly offer you a full rollover no questions asked even if it’s last minute. When in doubt stay home.
    We look forward to seeing you, albeit at a distance, June 27th
    Sincerely yours, Canice Harte

    Operational Changes to Event

    Twisted Fork will comply with the current Health Order at time of race and recognizes that if circumstances change and the County Health Department deems it necessary, Twisted Fork will cancel the event at anytime.
    100% of event activities will take place outside

    • All volunteers must complete a COVID-19 symptom screening and temperature check.
    • All volunteers must wear a face mask and disinfect hands using hand sanitizer between every interaction with another person
    • Face masks, protective gloves and hand sanitizer will be provided to volunteers free of charge
    • Minimal amount of volunteers will be used
    • Social distancing protocols in accordance with current Public Health Order will be
    • A new position titled “Race Marshall” will be staffed at all aid stations, the start / finish area to ensure social distancing portals are being met

    Packet Pickup
    • Cancel day before packet pick-up. But require all registered racers to sign and return electronically an acknowledgement of the social distancing requirements of the race and their commitment to adhere to them. Non-compliance could be ground for expulsion from the race with no refund. Any instances of non- compliance will be adjudicated by the Race Marshall.
    • Race day packet pickup:
    • Race bibs have an RFID chip adhered to them and are disposable.
    • The morning of the race runners will be instructed to wait in their automobile until they receive a text message to come to a registration tent located outside of Basin Recreation Fieldhouse.

    • A volunteer will have a sign with runners names on it directing them to the bib pickup tent in the event the text message is not received. This volunteer will walk around the parking lot and will not come into direct contact with anyone.
    • We will mark the ground with tape and/or decals to identify 10’ increments. These will be located before the tent and though we do not plan on a line we will place 20 markings.
    • Runners will then be allowed to return to their vehicle before heading to the start line which is located outside Basin Recreation Fieldhouse on the East side
    Start of Race
    • After a runner has received their bib they will walk around the outside of Basin Recreation Fieldhouse to the start line and will be directed to walk around the south side of the building.
    • At the start/finish line 10 starting positions will be marked on the ground with tape / decals
    • 10 runners will start at a time and there will be 3 minute intervals between groups
    • The race registration software we use, ranks the runners by projected finish time and we will start the runners by fastest projected finish time first to increase the distance between runners durning the race
    • Runners will immediately be dispersed as they leave the building
    • The start/finish line will have one timing volunteer located 20’ from the start line, a Race Marshall to ensure proper social distancing and there will be one volunteer informing the runners when they can begin the race
    Day of Event Tracking
    • There will be a single timing mat at the start finish area • Runners will have RFID chips on their bibs Communications – (No Changes)
    During the event Twisted Fork uses a combination of HAM radios and cell phones to communicate along the course

    Aid Stations
    8 aid stations provide food, water, electrolytes and basic first aid supplies. The aid stations are staffed with volunteers and at three aid stations allow families to support their runners
    • Aid stations will be broken down into two to three smaller stations and spread out to reducing grouping of runners
    • The Jeremy Ranch, Mormon Flat and Big Mountain aid stations will be roped off and have signs indicating a race is in progress and only racers are allowed in the area
    • Family members of runners will be instructed to wait at their vehicles and can assist their runners next to their cars.
    • All physical equipment will be cleaned with Lysol disinfectant wipes between between each use
    • Sprayers with a 10 to 1 bleach solution will be used to spray down any seats runners occupy
    • Food will be stored in sealed containers and gloved volunteers will place food items requested by a runner into a zip lock bag and then put it on a table where the runner will then be instructed to pick up requested items.
    • One runner will be served at a time
    • water: provided in disposable cups on tables for pick up. If runners would like to fill up their personal water bottles, they will be instructed to open their bottle or water bladder themselves and hold the container while gloved and masked volunteer fills their container from a water pitcher.
    • Signage for the general public will be provided
    • Each aid station will have a Race Marshall assigned to ensure proper social
    distancing is maintained and all areas are being cleaned according to the plan,

    • There are two outhouses provided at the Jeremy Ranch Aid station, a restroom is also located at Mormon Flat and Big Mountain Pass
    • A volunteer will be assigned the task of spraying the outhouses and restrooms with a 10 to 1 bleach solution between each use and insuring no grouping at the bathrooms.

    • Each aid station has a volunteer physician, nurse and/or EMT on site
    • The role of these professionals is to help runners with minor injuries such as blisters and to stabilize runners until medical services arrive should they be required.
    • Each medical area will have a 10 to 1 bleach solution in a sprayer to disinfect chairs and large areas that a runner comes into contact with
    Runner Activity
    Due to the length, use of trails and elevation gain and loss the runners are spread over many miles. At times two runners may run one behind each other for company but typically they run solo or just within sight of each other.
    • Runners will be instructed to maintain 6’ of distance from each other unless passing
    • Course Marshalls will be placed along the course and will monitor runner actions and remind them to maintain proper social distancing

    The finish Line will be on the South Side of Basin Recreation Fieldhouse
    • When a runner crosses the finish line their finisher medal will be located on a table at the end of the finisher chute. The runner will pick the medal up and a volunteer will place another medal on the table for the next runner
    • Runners will directed to the South side of Basin Recreation Fieldhouse to recover and gather refreshments

    • Runners will be allowed to recover for 20 minutes but may not exceed the maximum group size on race day and will be required to properly socially distance.
    • A Race Marshall will be present to monitor compliance of group size and proper social distancing
    • Runner refreshments:
    • All physical equipment will be cleaned between each use
    • Food will be stored in sealed containers and volunteers will pace food items requested by a runner into a zip lock bag and then onto a table where the runner will then be instructed to pick up requested items.
    • One runner will be served at a time
    • Lysol disinfectant wipes will be used between each runner